Wii Internet Channel Updated

Nintendo has updated the Wii Internet Channel today, including some new features and some well waited for bug fixes. The list has a lot of the most requested functions for the Wii Browser (like USB Keyboard support).

  1. USB Keyboard support (hooray!) for typing URLs, use on Websites, and as a replacement input device for the on-screen keyboard.
  2. The ability to send URLs, Favorites, etc, from the Wii Browser (you can only send to addresses within your Wii Message Board Address Book)
  3. The site info icon is always displayed even if the bar is hidden (which doesn’t work when the bar is hidden)
  4. You can now highlight text on webpages by holding down the A button
  5. Holding down B on the on-screen keyboard will hold down the shift button
  6. URLs on the Wii Message Board can be opened in the Internet Channel
  7. Opera Widgets [from widgets.opera.com] work (you can only have one widget at a time though)
  8. You can now have more favorites (beware, the new update adds favorites and will mess up the layout your current favorite list)
  9. A credits list is now found in the help docs
  10. For people like me who had the browser add a bar of blank space above any website, can now turn that off by unchecking the new checkbox found in the Adjust Width window
  11. Links now have a wider range of clicking (making it easier to click on links)
  12. You will now be notified when you have zoomed 100% (this will only display if you are in manual zooming only)
  13. Correct error URLs. So if I were to type in gamespotting.egg or .muffin, I would be taken to an error page. On that error page it will have a text box with the URL you were trying to go to so you can correct it easily.

That really is about it. Once again, if you have gotten the browser for free or have paid for the browser, this update is free. For everyone else, they need to shell out 500 points to get the browser with this update.