Wii Notes

wiibox by usa todayWell almost everyone is going on and on about the facts about the Wii release, so let’s get somethings straight:

  • Wii doesn’t have DVD playback
  • The wii is region free
  • Channels which include
    Disc (for playing disks and gcn games), Mii (your gamertag [sorta]), Photo (viewing/editing pictures that you imported), Forecast (weather), News, Wii shop (Like the itunes 7 store except more about games than songs), Virtual Console (The retro function), Internet, and Message Board (for chatting).
  • The price is around $250 which if you bought it all individually it would be around $400 dollars
  • Downloaded games cost $5 dollars (N64 is $10) and they are only the retro games
  • The photo tool isn’t that good
  • About 30 titles will be availible at launch
  • LOZ Twilight Princess will be out that same day for it
  • WiiMote comes with it
  • Stand is included
  • Bundled with WiiSports
  • Surfing the web costs you money (have to buy the browser)
  • Money is in WiiPoints 2000 for $20
  • You have the power to send sms messages

Oh and here is what the channels look like:


More images can be seen here

And the disks it uses look like this: