Wii Play with bonus WiiMote to come out soon

Wii PlayWii Play, the sequel to Wii Sports will be coming out on Feburary 12th 2007 and will contain 9 brand new mini-games that you can get addicted on. So let’s list this thing!:

  1. Shooting Range: This is the coolest minigame in the pack. It functions a lot like Duck Hunt
  2. Billiards: self explanatory.
  3. Find Mii: like a game of hide and go seek. Find the Mii in the crowd.
  4. Tanks!: Take over the world in a toy tank. Over 100 missions.
  5. Pose Mii: Get your Mii in the right position and take a picture, the better the pose the better the points
  6. Table Tennis: Obvious.
  7. Fishing: Go fish. Get big fish. Get lots of points. Very simple
  8. Laser Hockey: Like Table Hockey
  9. Charge!: I actually have no idea.

Wii Play debuts in a little more then 2 weeks and if you liked the bundled WiiSports that came with your Wii, then you will most likely like Wii Play.