Wii Sports ScreenShots

WiiSports is actually 5 games in one and I got 4 images of those games:


Here is a brief explanation of the games:

Your Miis that you made on the Mii Wii channel are the main characters in this game, it’s like “hey you pikachu!” just without the cute yellow thing and the stupid microphone. As you get better, pikachu your mii gets better and their skills improve.

In Tennis which is for 1-4 players you use the WiiMote like a racket in which you swing. By doing so the game understands what your character does; forehands, backhands, volleys, lobs, slices, spin and power hits depending on your speed and angle of the swing. The game auto-moves your player in front of the ball so you can swing.

In Bowling which is for 1-4 players you basically roll the ball down the lane and play digital bowling, that simple.

In Baseball which is for 1-2 players you basically swing the WiiMote like a bat and swing it (just like in real baseball). Speed and swiftness make the difference between home runs and hits. When playing 2 player, it’s opposite teams, one swings and the other is at bat. And all fielding and running is automatic.

In Golf which is for 1-4 players you use the WiiMote as a golf club and go flying depending on how hard you hit it but if you hit it too hard it will go flying.

And for Boxing, the game I don’t have a screenshot of you play with up to 2 players. The player uses the Nunchuk controller as one glove and the WiiMote as the other. You then basically dodge, weave and punch your opponents. Guarding depends on where your hands are currently positioned, high for faces and low for lower body stuff. Punching occurs the same way low for a punch and up for an uppercut. Combos can be achieved by swinging your arms all around.