Wii Virtual Console List

We all know that it is going to be almost impossible to get a Wii when it comes out (unless you preordered) because nintendo only made 4 mil and most stores have sold out already. We also should know that the Wii supports classic games using it’s virtual console feature.

This is the list of the games that will be availble on the VC section:

NES Games (500 Wii Points)

  •        Mario Bros
  •        The Legend of Zelda
  •        Donkey Kong
  •        Donkey Kong Jr. (This game is pretty stupid)
  •        Ice Hockey
  •        Pinball
  •        Soccer (Just to let you know that this game sucks. The bots are extremely stupid)
  •        Tennis
  •        Urban Champion
  •        Wario’s Woods (Very rare game)
  •        Baseball
  •        Solomon’s Key (Never played this game)

SNES Games (800 Wii Points)

  • F-Zero (This is a pretty good game with great graphics for it’s time)
  • SimCity (This game sucked. It was hard to control the city with the cursor)

N64 Games (1000 Wii Points)

  • Super Mario 64 (Heck yes. This game rocks)

Genesis Games (800 Wii Points)

  •   Sonic the Hedgehog (A buyer)
  •   Altered Beast
  •   Golden Axe
  •   Columns (It’s kinda like bejeweled)
  •   Ecco the Dolphin (Classic sidescrolling game that featured a dolphin that would use sonar so he could not get eaten. Graphics were great but this game was really hard)
  •   Gunstar Heroes (Very good game)
  •   Space Harrier II
  •   Toe Jam & Earl: A funky and oddly mellow adventure.
  •   Ristar (This game was a “flop”)
  •   Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine (This game sucks)

TurboGrafx 16 Games (600 Wii Points)

  •   Bonk’s Adventure (Pass on this one)
  •   Super Star Soldie
  •   Victory Run
  •   Bomberman ’93 (Great game. Hilarious cut scenes and graphics [If I am remembering the right one then this should be a buyer])
  •   Dungeon Explorer (How more technical can you get?)

Let me remind you that 100 Wii Points = $1 dollar.

By the way 17 days until the Wii releases (and 17 days until LOZ: Twlight Princess, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Excite Truck [good game, looks like lots of crashing] and Super Mario Galaxy all come out). Get ready to call up those stores and don’t forget to download your Opera browser when you get your Wii!

Good Luck!