Xbox 360 problems and MS is losing money

Recentally people have called in to MicroSoft with problems with their Xbox 360’s. Problems ranged from games freezing, systems overheating to hard drives not working and even disk drives that scratched games. Molly O’Donnell, senior manager of global Xbox public relations, says that help for troubled Xbox 360’s is on the way. Gamers with console problems should call 1-800-4MY-XBOX. If it is needing repairs it can be fixed but sometimes it can’t so a replacement Xbox 360 will have a prepaid shipping box overnighted to them. She said that typically said gamers will have a fixed or replaced 360 arriving at their door five business days later.

Microsoft is losing around $125 per hard-drive-equipped unit of the Xbox 360. A research firm concluded that the hardware of each premium pack cost about $470 disassembled.