My Little Easy Emotes Generator

Version 8.0 [changelog]

This will generate your own version of Easy Emotes! Just check the options and away you go!


Why does this have its own section? I don't know. This will make the shipping version of the script.

I don't care for any of these options, give me the vanilla script:

Additional Includes

This will allow you to use Easy Emotes in other non-pony parts of Reddit!
Requires bundling or My Reddit Ponies installed!

Allow Easy Emotes to run on all subreddits?

Show Easy Emotes in the messaging center?


These options are for if you plan to use My Global Ponies. If you are using Chrome, make sure you check the "Allow in incognito" box in the extensions window for Easy Emotes. There is a bug in Chrome that causes issues if the page uses websockets.

Run on all of the internet?
Compatibility is spotty, and unsupported. If this doesn't work with a website, too bad.

Run on the Synchtube Channel?

Run on the IRC?

Functionality changes!

Customize how Easy Emotes works!

Bundle My Reddit Ponies?
REMINDER: People without EE or MRP will not be able to see the ponies.

Auto close the emote list when the mouse moves outside of it?

Make the emote toggler visible without scrolling?
Has compatibility issues with other Reddit tools.

Safari Extension compatibility?
Unless you are specifically making a Safari extension, DO NOT CHECK THIS.

Style changes!

Change how Easy Emotes looks! For text input parts, just leave the box blank to use the default.

How far down from the top of the page should the toggler be? px. Default: 19px.

How wide should the emotes panel be? px. Default: 175px.

How tall should the emotes panel be? px. Default: 250px.

By RogueDarkJedi