2nPart Case Study

Client: 2nPart
Project: 2nPart Website
Services Provided: Website building, theme creation and content creation

The Study

2nPart New Website2nPart is a new startup that desperately needed a website. Unfortunately, none of founders were very good at HTML or CSS. So, they hired a company to give them a page that was styled for them, which could have been later used as a template. After seeing our site, they contacted us asking for a website based off their template.

What we did

We came in and installed Drupal (a content management system), which is the backend to this website, so it would be easy to make future additions and improvements to the site. After doing so, we modified the original css and the html to make it work better with Drupal as well as visually improving it. Then, the original template given to 2nPart was used to make a custom theme for 2nPart that included a sidebar and footer (which were both absent before). After several customizations, we got the front page up and running. Once the entire site was done, we moved it to the 2nPart homepage.

The Result

In the end, we provided 2nPart with an easy to use website that would allow the founders and other employees to be able to edit the content without having to dive into a lot of html.

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