DapperFox Case Study

Client: Dapper
Project: DapperFox 1.6 (released as 1.7)
Services Provided: Extension Update, Browser Product Branding

The Study

Dapper had been looking for Firefox developers since 2007 to help update DapperFox with some new features. However, they were unable to secure any help with new proposed features.

GameSpotting! Networks came to the rescue.

What we did

Almost overnight, we updated the extension with cleaner code and improved localization. We fixed compatibility issues and reworked the functionality of the code. In the week we worked on this project, we added the Dapp Preview feature, which allowed users to see a dapp's data visually on the page they are currently on. We created a dapper skinning template extension that would allow users to replace virtually every visual element in the extension with their own images and design.

The Result

With our help, DapperFox became an extension that shines the true power of Dapper's services.

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