GameSpotting! Networks is an enthusiastic group that will get your project up and running in as few heartbeats as humanly possible

-Martin Hall, Co-Founder and CEO of Karmasphere

At PhishTank, we want to bring useful data to where it helps users. MASA's experience with Firefox extension development helped PhishTank deliver part of that vision in rapid fashion with SiteChecker. The constant improvements and rapid response to feedback made the development process surge forward, faster than we had imagined. I'd recommend GameSpotting! Networks to anyone who's ready to move quickly.

-John Roberts, VP of Product, OpenDNS, operators of PhishTank

Today, I chanced upon ThunderBrowse Extension and I installed it. I just love it. It made my messages and browsing easy. I could recall the good old days of netscape when a single click could instantly switch between browser and messaging. That the entire spirit of extensions. A trillion thanks to the creator of it. Bravo guys. Keep it up.

-Rawat, user of ThunderBrowse for Thunderbird.

This is such a good extension that it should be bundled as standard in the next release of Thunderbird. You’ll save both RAM and productivity reading links within it rather than outside of it.

-Nicholas Mead, editor at insideTonic on ThunderBrowse

ThunderBrowse is a Mozilla Thunderbird plug-in that gives you a feature you didn't know you were missing. Once you get it, though, it's all over--e-mailing without it is so much slower.

-Seth Rosenblatt (editor for

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