Karmasphere Case Study

Client: Karmasphere
Project: SiteKarma by Karmasphere
Services Provided: API Analysis, Security Software, Browser Product Branding

The Study

Karmasphere is a startup company which offers reputation data about Internet identities. Reputations about IP addresses, domain names, and URLs are available for multiple contexts. To showcase the web context, they needed a browser plugin. So they retained GameSpotting! Networks to build one from scratch.

In just a few days, we had SiteKarma by Karmasphere up and running. This extension for Firefox would send data to Karmasphere for each page the user surfed on and then got a rating back. When it got said rating, the status bar of the client's browser would change colors. Red for bad, green for good, gray for unknown. They wanted functions like that of McAffee's SiteAdvisor, and we made it for them.

By connecting with our client over Skype we were able to provide new features and bug fixes within hours, not days. GameSpotting! Networks continuously released builds by the hour to Karmasphere, who would have more suggestions to add, which got added on the spot.

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