Here are some projects that we created but don't belong to any specific client.

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Wordpress Plugins:

Wordpress Search Plugin Generator: This plugin creates search plugins for IE and Firefox. Modify the options and it will build the search plugins. It includes a widget that deals with all the install code for you, so you just place it on the sidebar and it's ready to go!

Firefox and Thunderbird Extensions:

TBExtInt: This extension allows you to install Thunderbird extensions from Firefox. Install in both Firefox and Thunderbird

Firefox Extensions:

gTalk in your Sidebar: This firefox extension puts a web based version of Google Talk into your browser sidebar.

Ebay Cleaner: This extension was developed for the moderators at PhishTank to help us find the real ebay phishing url quicker. Phishers tend to hide their phish sites in legitimate urls, and going through the various encodings is a pain when done by hand, so this extension was built.

Strongbad Emails Prev & Next: This extension was based off a severely modified greasemonkey script (though now it doesn't use greasemonkey). It adds the words Previous and Next to Strongbad Emails.

Full Screen Homestar Runner: When installed, this extension would make Homestar Runner Toons fill the browser window. Full Screen code from a greasemonkey script by Tim Rice.

Metroid Ultimate Sidebar: A calculator that calculates the amount of points received from a match in the game Metroid Prime Hunters for the DS.

Thunderbird Extensions:

ThunderBrowse: This is an extension for ThunderBird, that when installed, it automatically adds a URL bar, refresh, back and go button to the message preview pane. This allows you to surf websites in Mozilla ThunderBird, so you don't have to open a new browser all the time. This extension got a download of the day award and was featured on and front pages under an article called "These extensions put some meat on Thunderbird's wings". ThunderBrowse was the first one listed in that article. Check out other mentions of ThunderBrowse

TB Properties: Make Thunderbird have another Firefox feature with this extension. With it, you can see link and image properties easily, just like Firefox. This extension uses the code from Seamonkey for the popup layout and the textbox styling CSS. This extension was also featured in the and article above.

LockMyBox: Be able to lock your Thunderbird program from being used unless a correct password is specified (this hides all your email messages from being viewed by prying eyes). You can try up to 4 times and then Thunderbird will close down. Password is configurable and the option to turn it on and off is available.

BrowsrBounce: Are links not sending to Firefox or IE? Don't want to install ThunderBrowse but want ThunderBrowse's Visit in Browser fix? Install BrowsrBounce and get the same fix in a much smaller download!

Copy Link Name for Thunderbird: Love Copy Link Name for Firefox? Get it for Thunderbird!