RatePoint Case Study

Client: RatePoint
Project: RatePoint Toolbar
Services Provided: Toolbar Creation, Browser Product Branding

The Problem

RatePoint had a problem. They previously had another developer to make them a toolbar that would allow their users to connect ratings to websites. Unfortunately, their current toolbar design was stuck in the Web 0.5 age with outdated methods like iframes to display ratings. These methods caused RatePoint's bandwidth to skyrocket as the toolbar was also updating the rating every 0.7th of a second. The toolbar caused users to dislike even the best of features, the gabLets, due to amount of bugs that surrounded it.

GameSpotting! Networks was called in to bring life into their toolbar and provide better functionality, but most importantly: fix their toolbar.

What we did

We quickly brought their toolbar into Web 2.0 with a complete recoding. Within a week, we added new user settings and more features to the toolbar, while drastically improving and removing code that wasn't needed.

The Result

Because of our fixes, we made a toolbar that works more efficiently and with fewer errors. Problems such as the JavaScript leaks caused by the iframe were removed overnight. RatePoint's servers experienced higher uptimes and lower bandwidth usage. The new RatePoint Toolbar generated 2,000 new users to the service. And it was also rated one of the top 25 social networking toolbars for Firefox by Mashable.

It's called the:
"The RatePoint [Toolbar] extension is a must have for existing RatePoint users."

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