Air Zonk is next week’s TurboGrafx-16 game

Air Zonk ScreenshotBecause Hudson Soft is super cool, they released next week’s TurboGrafx-16 game before this coming Monday (which is how Nintendo announces this week’s games) and it is Air “Zonk”. While I can’t say much about the game, it seems to have a mix of elements from Alien Hominid and Megaman.

Hudson Soft also gave a description of the game:

The year is 2999 AD.
Powered-up, “Zonk” gathers his friends to create “Team Cool” and they set out to stop “King Drool”,
in his plan to conquer the world.
Advance while shooting enemies and picking up items to power-up Zonk.
Collect “Small Smiley Faces” to make “Big Smiley Faces” appear.
Grab enough of these to combine with your friend and become invincible.
Your method of attack is different depending on which friend you are with. Try it out!