LA Rush Review

Yes I know this game isn’t out, yet. But I beta-tested it so I know. They tried those midway guys but failed…miserably. The game starts out get a cool car and get to drive around a big open space. Then it gets weird. You must run into 7 yellow light beam thingies from heaven before the CPUs do. Unfortunately they have the special power of going through buildings. Other cars are on the road and the car models are terrible. They look like cars from the Micro-Machines game for the N64. And that’s bad. When you crash you get to see this weird foggy screen with your car hitting another car and then exploding but then you car becomes perfect again and all the cars you hit are ok. Very odd. Don’t get me started on the Cops. Oh too late. The cops in this game are EXTREMELY annoying! They spawn from everything. Semis, Buses, other cars, buildings, etc. The turn on their siren when you are even going the speed limit and are in the right lane. The cops also use (the terrible horrible…I hate to say it…….EA games…….Hot pursuit……..engine. This means they are really dumb and like to swarm in on you. In unfair numbers like 40.) Also your boost is terrible (max speed of 100, the cops go 120). And the cops are dumb…..Like take this. I was just driving along with 2 cops on my trail one blew up randomly and the other was still following me. We smashed into a brick wall in the middle of a hill next to the hollywood sign. His car was upside down. The guy inside was dead (There are people in the car. And their faces change). Guess what happens. I start to back up and the cop car siren goes on. Next thing I know there are 12 more cops on my tail. Unfair. The car models are horrid and you can see through the terrain. The programming guys have another 36 more bugs they need to work out (I counted). DON’T BUY THIS GAME AT ALL. DON’T EVEN CONSIDER IT. This game is for people who liked the game: Big Rigs Over the Road racing (which is so bad it is the only game to ever get a score under zero [later the score was changed because it didn’t fit the “range”]). LA Rush comes out 10/10/2005 for the PS2 and Xbox. The final version sucks. The game is horribly unrealistic. I rate this game a 1/5.