BenchMark your PC for gaming without having to install anything over 2MB

So, Microsoft has had this service for awhile but it hadn’t been updated since the begining of 2006 but now it has been updated and has a new Vista look. Which looks way better then their older look. What service am I talking about? GameAdvisor. GameAdvisor is a website that is certified by Microsoft, that allows you to benchmark your system for gaming (without the 2GB install of a professional benchmarking software. I mean seriously, you need that space for more games right?) and then see what games your computer can run. To be handy it sums up all your PC’s stats to one simple meter that looks like a spedometer. You can look at individual games and if they are able to run you will see a little icon with some text that says “Your computer can run this software.”

My computer recieved a “WWOW!!!” rating and my computer (an Alienware) is one little mark off of the fastest system.

Just install a small little ActiveX object (about 236kb) and run the test. It’s free and you don’t have to sign up for anything.

You can run benchmark test and install the ActiveX object here.