Best of 2007 #2: The Orange Box

The Orange BoxThe so called “best video game deal of the century” is number 2 on the Best of 2007 list. The Orange Box lives up to this title because it is an awesome deal. I’m not much of a Half-Life fan, I was more excited about the other features in the box. Specifically Portal and Team Fortress 2. Though I did play a bit of Half-Life 2: Episode 2.

Portal, though short, was definitely sweet. GLaDOS was hilarious and was a great bad girl for the game. Portal lived up to most of the stuff I hoped it to be. It had a great deal of difficulty to it though. And at times I wished that it was longer. The commentary was excellent and contributed to the humor of the game. Especially with the best credits song ever, Still Alive.

Team Fortress 2, after several years of delays and rumors, TF2 finally released. TF2 is a fragalicious game, with funky characters, set in an almost Meet the Robinsons style (the book not the movie). What can I say? It’s a fun game, and to really get the gist of it, you should just play it yourself. Oh and Steam is the worst thing ever. Better to get the Orange Box for the Xbox 360.

Half-Life 2: Episode 2, The newest episode features a ton of new visual effects and changes in physics. Most games this year have been short in story, Half-Life 2: Episode 2 adds onto that list of games with short completion times. However, the new graphics and the improvements of Alyx as a teammate and several plot twists kept this game interesting.

All together, The Orange Box proved to be a bunch of games and an incredibly low price. Cheap high quality games are always appreciated.