Best of 2007 #3: Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario GalaxyWhen I look at Super Mario Galaxy, I am reminded of two things. Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario 64. I think I can relate with other reviewers out there when I say Super Mario Galaxy feels like a sequel to Super Mario 64. Super Mario Galaxy (referred to as SMG for the rest of this), feels like a revival to the series. From its new worlds based on galaxies with planets inhabiting those galaxies to the Wii motion controls. The local paper really loved its gravity, with the ability to walk under platforms and around worlds, though I had trouble doing so easily.

One of the best parts is the ability to have two players at once, something not seen in a Super Mario game for awhile (I think Super Mario DS might have that feature though). From its cute characters to its new powerups, bosses and somewhat new story, SMG is a solid game, and great for any new Wii owner. The game is a bit short though, even with it’s bonus stars and other things, I was able to get through most levels without losing one life (exceptions: one race yourself level and that ride the manta ray level [that’s hard to do]). SMG is now a Nintendo classic for years to come.