Best of 2007 #5: Halo 3

Halo 3Making it into the top 5, is Halo 3, the “overrated” future shooter from Bungie and Microsoft. Many complain that it’s an overrated game and it doesn’t live up to its name. I can somewhat agree and mostly disagree with that statement. Halo 3 is a great game, I especially like the fact that you have your friend, the Arbiter with you (which is nice because sometimes, I miss a few enemies and knowing the marines, they are likely to die to those enemies then kill them). I would agree with the fact that Halo 3 is over-advertised though. Microsoft needs to calm down and stop shoving Halo stuff in our face. And some of the music sounds like MIDI file stuff.

However, Halo 3 does deserve to be in the Top 5, I mean how many games do you know that have the ability to make real maps, on a console? Any besides Tony Hawk Pro Skater games? That’s what I thought. Basically put, the Forge is really cool. I haven’t heard or seen a feature like that in a very very long time. Especially one that is pretty good. Overall, Bungie did a great job with the game (however making half the game fighting the flood was a bit over the top). And when you finish the story (a few hours maybe due to its length), you can always play online. There are like 85 bazillion (overstatement) people who play anyways, though skill levels might not match yours. It’s worth playing at least once, the gaming experience is spectacular.