Best of 2007 #9: Sam & Max Season 1

Sam & Max Season 1Sam & Max seems somewhat silly to put here. But in the end it really deserves it. The game plays funny, where it’s mostly point and click. Games of that sort tend to get boring easily. However, Sam & Max’s humor keeps the game going. TellTale, the makers of the game, did a great job making the world cartoonish.

To say the least, it’s a great series. And to give away one episode for free, was a very awesome thing to do. The game is filled with classic humor and great songs like the War Song sung by giddy Secret Service Agents. The game goes on as you try to solve mysteries as to who is hypnotizing people. You can pretty much interact with everything in sight, from talking computers who make byte jokes to things like mounted moose heads. Yeah, it’s that bizarre, and it’s worth picking up. If you don’t feel like spending money, you should at least play the free game.