Choo-Choo! Here comes the Microsoft Train (simulator)!

I recently was looking at Microsoft’s PC Game list and saw a new entry called Train Simulator (it’s near the bottom of the list). And saw that Microsoft is making a new Train Simulator game based off of Flight Simulator X (can anyone figure out how to even take off in that game without having to use the stop motion control? When I played Flight Simulator X you could stop time and move your plane to where you want [except in the air] unrealistically). I didn’t like Flight Simulator’s graphics, they looked to bland and the buildings too fake. Maybe this will be fixed. Anyway, unless you liked Flight Simulator X, I would wait for this to come out as a demo before buying it.

They currently have a website for the game, but it’s extremely bland and very vauge (but then development has “just started”, so what do you expect?).