Chromehounds has troubles

Chomehounds hasn’t been doing so well. After having server failures and minor other problems, now SEGA has to help users that are reporting that the game is locking up a ton.

SEGA has technical support message boards that are being flooded with complaints about Chromehounds that are diffrent from player to player. After looking around it all seems that they are locking up somewhere, from single-player levels, to online, and even one player reported that it locked up at the menu screen. But here is where you think the game could get so defective that a recall maybe needed: I saw a few posts saying that they started up their XBOX360’s and it instantly crashed and now it won’t recover, no other games are playing with it.

SEGA is having problems reproducing the problem..could SEGA label these problems as: “Oh we are sorry you can’t play the game. Here is a replacement. And if it crashes don’t come to us for help because we don’t believe you at all”?

If you have chromehounds, hope that your system doesn’t explode next time you play.