Crashing the Coop

The mic stand at the Spike TV Video Game Awards had some unexpected visitors this year. During the acceptance for the Game of the Year award, some men dressed as red chickens ran on to the stage and declared that Gamecock, their company, was for the children, and would rise someday. They then gave the spotlight back to Greg Goby, while they danced behind him and Ken Levine. Because of the disruption, Levine didn’t get to thank anyone.  

But today, Mike Wilson, co-founder of Gamecock, apologized for his team’s actions:

“I’d personally like to sincerely apologize to the BioShock team and Ken Levine in particular for GameCock infringing on their spotlight at this weekend’s VGA Awards show,” he said. “The award acceptance they interrupted was the LAST one we would’ve wanted to interrupt , (“most addictive game fueled by mountain dew” would have been a wonderful choice) as we have the utmost respect and love for Bioshock and all who were involved in it, and it totally sucks that Ken Levine didn’t get to speak after making such a fantastic game.”