Devil’s Crush is tomorrow’s TurboGrafx-16 VC game

Devil's CrushHudson Soft stated that Devil’s Crush (for 600 WiiPoints) is tomorrow’s TurboGrafx-16 Wii Virtual Console game. The game doesn’t look super great, despite the title, it’s really just a pinball game, a very odd one in fact. The port of Devil’s Crush hasn’t been modified much from the original game so it relies on passwords to save (that is so GameBoy Pocket). However, there is a button combo (+ then – then 2 and then 2 again) you can press to save your data to the Wii rather than have to write down the password. Devil's Crush Gameplay

Devil’s Crush has a Pokemon Pinball style to it, rather than showing the entire board, it will show whatever part of the board the ball is on. There are a lot of objects you can interact with (like all pinball games should have) but the downside is that there is only one main pinball board and six small bonus boards. The game looks pretty decent for a pinball game but it is not something I would spend $6 dollars on.