My Goodness! One of the most popular N64 Racing games is coming to the DS on the 7th

Diddy Kong Racing for the DSRare finally broke free of THQ and Microsoft and actually was able to release a game for a Nintendo console without having to go through either company and not have their logo on the box. Diddy Kong Racing for the DS is coming out on February 7th. The story is still no different from the N64 one. You are still fighting that crazy space pig who has his a stone version of his head mounted on the side of the cliff. Anyways, the game has WiFi support and you can make your own maps, share them with others and battle it out on your custom maps. You can also have single card download for up to 8 players and kick some butt in the battle mode. The game is totally sweet and it’s a must for any Banjo-Kazooie, DK, RareWare, or any N64/DS fan. The game releases on the 7th of February.

UPDATE: Nintendo told us the wrong date, it actually releases on the 7th of February. Sorry for the error.