EA announces EA Sports Family Play

EA Sports Family PlayEA wants to allow everyone to be able to play an EA Sports game, or so it seems. With the recent announcement of EA Sports Family Play, it may make your games seem less complex and will get the whole family involved. EA Sports upcoming games, Madden 08, FIFA 08 and NBA 08 will all have new control system.

So what is it? Family Play breaks down controls to the a very simplistic level without having all the modifiers. Family Play just covers the basics; passing, shooting, throwing, etc. EA Sports Family Play Control StyleFamily Play also takes advantage of the motion sensitivity that the WiiMote has, allowing you to potentially feel like you are really in the game.

But for people that love the “bazillion” controls to make the player run, there is also Advance mode, which isn’t as simplistic as Family Play.

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NBA Live 08
Madden NFL 08