EA is making a new SSX game

According to EA, there is going to be a SSX 5 titled SSX Blur. So far only video from Spike is available on the game. There is a new Tricky meter, replacing the old Super Uber meter from SSX 3. SSX Blur uses the same font as SSX 4 but the graphic style isn’t like SSX 4 at all. It’s almost like EA took a step back from SSX 4 (I thought that SSX and SSX 3 were the best in the series). The game has the same boost effect from SSX4 and the music speeds up as usual when you are boosting. The game now gives you hints on what tricks to perform for maximum power. The guys look bigger, almost suggesting that your Mii is the one boarding but it has a bunch of boarding clothes on.

Check out the YouTube video here.