EA Mobile launches skate

I hate ports of good video games to phones. They never ever come out any good then the consoles. But then that’s a given due to it’s screen and poor graphics. Anyways, back onto the topic of EA. EA Mobile has released skate, their anti-Tony Hawk series that has been dominated by Activision since 1996. EA calls mobile skate “extreme” but that has yet to really be determined by anyone really.

According to EA, skate lets anyone with a cell phone hit the half-pipe to perform ollies, grinds and many more tricks. There are 2 different play modes, freestyle or story. In story you play as a skateboarder in the city of San Vanelona (which doesn’t exist FYI) on the not at all original quest to be a skateboarding superstar by “pulling off enough slick moves to capture the cameras and land on the cover of Thrasher magazine”. Slick? Why not sick? Skate features professional skaters such as Danny Way, Chris Cole, Mike Carroll, Rob Dyrdek and many more.

Skate is now on most major cell phone providers download networks, so you can download the game and play right away.