Good at movies? Have an idea for a TV show? Want an somewhat easy $100k?

Microsoft Game Studios and the New York Television Festival are offering a contest to give you $100,000 dollars to make a TV show that will appear on the Xbox Live MarketPlace. All you have to do is create a pilot TV episode and submit it. If you win you will get a 6 episode deal as well as the previously mentioned $100k. Now the downsides. The pilot has to be between 5-15 minutes long, you must pay a $25 dollar fine, must be introducing an original television series, and it must be submitted before June 29th.

If you really want popularity and fame, have $25 dollars to give up, lots of time, good funding (needed to make the pilot), and think you could be the next Star Wars/The Office/24/ER/Scrubs TV show, then try your luck with this contest.

Official rules and entry form can be found here.