Good News: Rock Band is up for preorder; Bad- IT’S $200!

The sure-to-be-a-smash-hit, Rock Band, scheduled for release on the 360 and PS3 on November 20 of this year, went up for preorder today on normally, I’d expect a lot of “yays” and “hurrahs” (actually, does anyone say hurrah?)- but now, that’s not the case. Rock Band will retail for $200– yes, two hundred dollars.

If you don’t know what Rock Band is, it’s like Guitar Hero, only not with only a guitar, but with a microphone (tracks pitch of your voice), drums (drum in beat), and obviously, the game itself (uh…put it in your console). It’s from the same developer as the first two Guitar Heroes (GHIII is being made by Activision, not Harmonix, who made the first two), so it promises to be great- not sure if it warrants the hefty pricetag, though.

If you want to preorder the game or just check out the Amazon page, you can find it here.