GRAW 2 XBox Live weekend!

I am sorry that I forgot to post something about this yesterday. Microsoft and Ubisoft are running an All GRAW 2 Weekend on Xbox Live. Yesterday, you got to play against the developers and other makers of the game.

However, from Today to Sunday, all Xbox Live Gold members who register and play GRAW2 on Xbox Live from now to 11:59 P.M. on March 18 have a chance to win fabulous prizes. Ubisoft is giving out 1 prize per hour.

To read more about this click here (registration link is on the page).

And on Sunday there will be a huge fightfest, and the winner gets an Xbox 360 HD DVD Player and a Samsung Home Theater. Second place gets a $200 gift card and a wireless headset. And the top 25 winners will be listed on