Halo 2 Xbox Live Challenge

GameStop and Microsoft are running a Halo 2 tournament for the prize of one of five Xbox 360 Elites. The new multiplayer challenge is supposed to kick off the two new Halo 2 maps that were mentioned on this site a month or two ago. And if you don’t own Halo 2 (shame on you) then you can also enter the online drawing.

In the tournament, 3 finalists with the highest scores will recieve an Xbox 360 Elite. As well as 2 black Xbox 360 wireless controllers, an accessory pack and 2 “Play and Charge” packs for said controllers. The 5 runner-ups get a 12 month subscription to Xbox Live Gold.

If one entered the online drawing, there are more winners. Two winners will get a Xbox 360 Elite Console Pack. While 5 other people will get 12 month Gold subscriptions to Xbox Live and 25 others will get 3 month.

You must enter before June 25th (which is in 3 more days) in order to participate. Click here to enter and click here for more information.