Halo 3 or "that game where you shoot stuff" comes out tonight!

Halo 3 or the ending of that game where you play as that guy who shoots up aliens or that other series by Bungie. Whatever you call it, it’s coming out tonight and people are flocking to the nearest stores to pick up a copy for themselves. For the smart people, they won’t have to wait in line, as they pre-ordered a copy for themselves (nice work soldiers). The forgetful people should take a hint and next time pre-order a copy so you can show up and not have to wait. Maybe camping out will teach you a lesson.

I know some people won’t be able to experience the full juicy-ness of Halo 3. Why do I say that? It’s likely that they don’t have Xbox Live (shame on you). We at GameSpotting! hate the fact that you won’t be able to experience the other “best game of 2007” (which the first was supposed to be BioShock, but now people can’t make up their minds and some are saying Halo 3 is the best game).

Happy Fragging.