Harvest fun with this week’s Wii Virtual Console Titles

Today, Nintendo released two new games to the ever-growing list of Virtual Console Titles. The two new titles are Harvest Moon from the SNES and Lords of Thunder from the TurboGrafx-16. Harvest Moon is quite a surprise. I didn’t think Natsume was going to putting any old titles onto the Virtual console and Natsume is normally a rare name to hear in the news (with the exception of Omega Five).

Harvest Moon I am not a big fan of Simulation games, but Harvest Moon is one game that I think is pretty good. For people who have never played it, it’s a lot like Animal Crossing (except you can get married and you work on a farm [and more realistic events can happen]). Though the one main difference gamers will see (other than the difference in graphics) is the fact it doesn’t use a real time clock.

Lords of ThunderThe other game, Lords of Thunder, is a sidescrolling shooter which was pretty advanced for its time (which you can tell just by looking at it). I’ve never gotten to play it before, so I really can’t say much.

Nintendo describes it as:

A side-scrolling shooter that has you take on the role of a legendary warrior, blasting enemies to heavy-metal tunes. Your enemies are plotting to revive Zaggart, “The Dark One,” who was sealed beneath the six continents of Mistral. It’s up to Landis, descendant of the heroic Dyu, to stop them. Choose the order in which to attack the six stages. Before each stage, select one of four magic armors and use crystals you’ve collected during your battles to buy items. Selecting the right armor for each stage is the key to your ultimate victory. Then get ready to face awesome enemies like a fire-spewing sea serpent or a giant insect. Whether it’s the fast-paced shooting or breaking into the fortress of a stage boss, you’ll be blown away by the intensity of Lords of Thunder.

Both games are rated E for Everyone and are priced at 800 Points.