Hey, hey, hey, You looking for a Wii? Tomorrow is your day.

Tomorrow is Janurary 21st, the day where Target and Best Buy will have like a bazillion (okay, not really) Wiis available to sell. Best Buy claims a minimum of 15 Wiis per store (nationwide) and some Targets will have them too. No word if they will be on sale or not. But if you were looking for a Wii and can’t find them then tomorrow is your day.

Why the 21st? Because Nintendo shipped out the products this week (so I have heard) and they are ready to go on shelves. 21st is a Sunday, which means that most people will not be at school (unless they go to church) or busy with work. Thus more people will buy Wiis (clever marketing ploy). Plus it could be a tip off to the DS because it was released on November 21st, or it could just be a coincidence.

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