Hotel Dusk got a name change and perhaps a new story?

I once posted on the DS game Hotel Dusk that I saw while I was at nintendo. Recentally I was reading the net and found a game called Sinking Island. Oddly, the story line sounds similiar to Hotel Dusk.

According to the game site GoNintendo (where I read about this Sinking Island game), the storyline involves a Private Investigator named Jack Norm (odd because Hotel Dusk’s PI name is Jack). In Sinking Island, Jack is sent to check out a tropical island where the murder of a billionaire hotel owner (hmm…hotel…in hotel dusk a man is shot in the start and you constantly think of your girlfriend [lots of cutscenes with the same girl]), the hotel could be related. According to GoNintendo, the game gets its title from the effect that the murder is having on the island’s economy. You play for up to 3 days in simulated time with each day clues and items will start to fade (note: in hotel dusk you have around 4 days).

Is it similar? or is it just a slight coinicidence? I don’t know but from the sound of it they seem similar.