How to actually use the annoying EA Uninstaller

Posted on January 14, 2007 by MASA.
Categories: Gaming, PC.

Seeing that EA has not posted anything on how to uninstall their games and it is the most annoying process to figure out yourself, I wrote this article to help people with uninstalling EA games.

I am starting to run out of precious hard drive space, and considering that NFS Carbon Demos are taking up some 800+MBs I decided to uninstall them. Until I found out that the game acts like spyware and you can’t uninstall the games because the EAUninstaller claims that a file called EAinstall.dll is missing or EAinstall.dll was not found.

However, there is a fix. In order to uninstall EA Games you have to move the EAinstall.dll to C:\WINDOWS (or C:\WINNT if you are on NT/2000).

If you can’t find EAinstall.dll you can download it here.

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