How to play LOZ Ocarina of Time like it is LOZ Twilight Princess.

Video ScreenshotI recently found this video of a guy playing LOZ: OT on his PC using the WiiMote and Nunchuck as you would on LOZ Twilight Princess. He claims that he was able to do it using a BlueTooth USB plug, a sensor bar, GlovePIE and Project 64. Of course, downloading video games (that are not free) for free on the internet isn’t vary legal but still if you have the ROM on your computer then try this out. I went to look around the internet for a GlovePIE script that would do the same emulation technique as shown in the video. And I finally came upon a post on a forum that has the correct GlovePIE script that was used in the vid. So check it out and if you got the stuff you really should try it too. It looks really cool.