In order to play Halo 2 you will need, Vista right?

Why buy Vista when you can get it free?! Microsoft is bringing Halo 2 to the PC. The problem is that they will force you to go out and buy Windows Vista just to play it. Why would you ever want to spend $200+ dollars just to play a game? You won’t, and you don’t need to. If you live in the US and are “over 18” (technically, you should already be over 18 to play Halo 2 anyway, since it’s rated M for Mature).

Anyways, Download Squad (a web blog that I read often) is offering Windows Vista Ultimate (which is the best one to use if you wanna play Halo 2) for free for anyone who comments on this blog post. You have until February 2nd to enter. So if you are a Halo fan and don’t wanna spend $200+ dollars on Vista, you might as well enter. They are giving away three copies. Good Luck.