Manhunt 2 inevitably “suspended”

Yet more Rockstar controversy! After being banned in the UK, getting the kiss-of-death Adults Only rating in the US, getting banned in Ireland, followed up by both Sony and Nintendo saying they will not endorse anything rated AO on their systems. Manhunt 2 has been “temporarily suspended” as said by quote a Rockstar representative. They also said that they believe in creative expression, responsible marketing and will not give up hope for the game.

The only options left for Take-Two and Rockstar would be to edit the game, which will take time and money, and may come at the consumer’s (our) expense, seeing as they’ll be taking away from what they saw as Manhunt now we’ll be stuck with “The-Watered-Down-Version-So-It’s-Not-So-Gory-But-Still-Sorta-Fun-Even-Though-the-Point-was-to-be-Gruesome”…of Manhunt.