Manhunt brings a bad name to video games

It’s really odd when you hear about news that happened a year ago but no one really reported it until just now. Apparently, some 19 year old decided to try out killing styles found in the game Manhunt. And he happened to murder a 33 year old nurse by beating her with a hunting knife on April 19th 2006. And now the parents are blaming videogames. Specifically, Manhunt.

While Manhunt is a violent videogame, it is possible that it could drive one (that has a weak understanding of reality and fiction) to do such actions. But Manhunt isn’t the only thing to blame. Of course not. The parents bought Manhunt for their son because all the other kids had the game. Now the parents exclaim that their angel of a child has been turned into a killer because of sadistic video games.

Doesn’t this seem a little odd to you? It should and it gets better. The mother stated to the newspaper where this article is featured (The News Of The World is the newspaper) that “I knew he was playing the video games but we didn’t really know what went on in them; how brutal and graphic they were.” *cough*checktheratings*cough* Just goes to show you that some people don’t read. “For a long time I didn’t even realize games had age limits on them.”.

The 19 year old was convicted two weeks ago. His sentence was not revealed in the newspaper.