Microsoft can’t report Xbox Live status issues

News from Microsoft, they “can no longer state the status of Xbox Live”. Really? Sounds like an excuse so they can no longer get sued. The American people have a right to know whether or not the Xbox Live service is down. I mean seriously.

So Major Nelson states this “mum’s the word” status is because of the three geniuses in Texas who are suing Microsoft. Okay, this sounds like a lame excuse. We would like to know if you still are having problems. Though not much is known on the details of the lawsuit, from what is known, it shouldn’t have not made Microsoft stop speaking on Live Outages.

Also, since those three guys are suing Microsoft for about $5 million dollars, I want to see that money go to charities, or to everyone else with Xbox Live Gold Memberships. Everyone experienced this outage. Not just them. They shouldn’t even be suing for money. Microsoft does owe us for this outage, and these three will be taking all the goods. Does this seem fair? I don’t think so. That $5G could be going to fixing Live, or to some poor kids in other countries. Our legal system is so sad.