NCAA 08 Football uses real time weather

This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but due a communication error it never appeared. Sorry for the confusion and delay.

Weather in NCAA 08 FootballEA announced yesterday that NCAA 08 Football can use real-time/world weather stats from The Weather Channel to determine the kind of weather that will be used on the field. So if there is a huge snow storm in NYC, you can go check out how the footballers would play under these conditions. This feature allows games to be played in rainstorms, intense wind or just on a good old sunny day.

This feature can be turned off, but I really can’t see why you would want to. The option to choose live-time weather is only enabled when the user is online (not necessarily playing online though). EA didn’t specifically mention if all copies of the game have this feature but we would assume so.

Should make the game much more realistic. I wonder what happens when you play during a The weather doesn’t seem to affect the fans, just the players it seems.

NCAA 08 Football is currently in stores for the Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2 and PS3 consoles.