Need a new gaming computer?

Would you like that computer for free? How about a new really cool gaming computer? Want one of those? How about..let’s say…an Alienware. For free. If you are good at Flash games, Alienware is giving out Alienware computers and gadgets for the winners of a simple flash game. But here’s the catch, you only get 8 tries. And then you get 2 new tries every day.

In order to play the game you need to register with Alienware. And if you win you will get added to a list of winners (the rules said it started on December 20th, yet Alienware just sent out the details and added the link from their website). One person will win a $4,174 dollar Alienware Aurora m9700 Laptop. The second winner will get an Alienware Area-51 7500  Desktop Computer.

The game seems to have two parts one is a drawing that you can win stuff that is determined by what three things you abducted (abduct 3 laptops, you will be entered into the Laptop drawing, etc). Here is the weird part, there will be 43 random times where a prize will be given out, it could be the laptop, desktop or any of the other not as much money items. If you are the first player to play the Game at or after one of the randomly generated times, you will be a potential winner of the prize indicated.

The game has semi good prizes if you don’t win.

  • Alienware Ozma Headphones
  • Alienarmor black case
  • Alienware Odyssey Backpack
  • Logitech Z-5450 Digital 5.1 speakers (surround sound)
  • Alienware Visor Black

Did I mention that you only have until Feburary 1st?

Good luck!