New Halo 3 Map Pack out on April 15th

Bungie announced more details on the Legendary Map Pack’s second map today, as well as giving it a date of release, April 15th.

The first map takes elements from the first campaign level in Halo 3, based on the area near the building Johnson is held in. Ghost Town

This is Ghost Town, which is an abandoned warehouse covered in foliage located somewhere in the jungle. This is a favorite of the development team, which reminds them of the old Counter-Strike days. They might also like it because there’s only one sniper rifle, and it’s placed in a great area for sniping (providing an “unfair” advantage [cries of unfairness will probably follow]).

The other map, called Avalanche, is obviously based on the Ark and the level Halo. AvalancheYet the development team states the inspiration was Sidewinder. The team that worked on Avalanche stated that this map is really good with One/Multi Flag CTF games. Included with this map are custom versions of the vehicles available in Halo 3. The vehicles themselves are snow terrain styled.

UPDATE: And one more map has been added, it’s called Moonlight Sonata (a codename it seems), and no details have been revealed about it.

Chilly Warthog

Besides the two three new maps and new vehicle schemes, Bungie gladly fixed the Hornet “problem” by completely weakening it, removing it’s ability to shoot rockets as well as diminishing the firepower of the machine guns.

The Legendary Map Pack releases on April 15th for 800 Microsoft points. The Heroic Map Pack will be provided for free on March 25th.