Nintendo improves Opera Browser for Wii

Nintendo has announced fixes to their Opera Wii Browser. These fixes include better browsing functions and display fixes. As well as:

  • improved zooming and scrolling functions
  • an improved zoomed font
  • improved browser speed
  • quicker access to your favorites
  • the ability to hide the toolbar
  • buttons that will instantly type things like “www.” or “.com” or “.net”

Nintendo has pushed back the date of the Final Version of the Opera Browser (for those who haven’t realised it yet, you are using a trial version of the browser right now) to April for the reason of “To ensure that the browser incorporates all of these enhancements”. The Opera Browser will be free to download/install as a free promo (note: if you install/download during the promo, your browser [and updates?] will always be free) from April to June. As soon as it’s July, Wii Users (who have not installed the final version of the browser) will have to pay 500 Wii Points to download it.

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