Nintendo Recalls All WiiMote Straps

Strap ChangeNintendo has just announced a recall all WiiMote Straps as they are a “serious” danger to players. They decided that most gamers have sweaty hands and there is a higher rate that the Mote will go flying out of their hands. Nintendo says that any person that owns a Wii and all Wiis that are on store shelves are affected by the recall. But here is the thing, you don’t need to send back anything. Nintendo will send the stuff to you. The new string is much beefier and has a huge security tie to make sure that the WiiMote doesn’t slip off your wrist. And by the way, the shipping is free. And you can get up to 4 straps at a time. The new WiiMote straps will start shipping on December 21st.

How cool is that? You can claim your recall by going here.