Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Solution

Nintendo has released a little dongle for those who don’t have access to a Wi-Fi network to be able to play online games on their DS. The little accessory has the size of a regular thumb drive in which you plug into a USB port in your computer. The price is thought to be at least $53 dollars. The DS Internet play service will support friends lists. The little plug will be available when Mario Kart DS releases. Please note that nintendo published games will have free online play but other companies may charge. Above is a picture of the little plug. Also listed is the future game list of titles that will support online game play.

The game list:
(Title/Publisher/Date of release)

Ash / MistWalker
Bomberman Story / Hudson
Crossword Puzzle / Nintendo
Custom Robo DS / Nintendo
Daikookai Jidai DS / Koei
Dangerious Jisan / Konami
Densetsu no Stafi 4 / Nintendo
Detect Hacker / Nintendo
Dracula Castlevania / Konami
Eigo Zuke DS [English Training] / Nintendo
Gyakuten Saiban 4 / Capcom, 2006
Jigsaw Puzzle / Nintendo
Kahashima Ryuuta Kyouju no Nouo Kitaeru Otona DS Training 2 / Nintendo, 12/29/2005
Kaitou Wario / Nintendo
Mario Basketball 3 on 3 / Nintendo
New Gundam / Bandai
Nobunaga’s Ambition DS / Koei
Ocha Inu no Heya / Koei
Puzzle Up DS / Nintendo
Rainbow Island DS / Taito, 01/05/2006
Stylebook Series / Bandai
Sudokou / Nintendo
Tales DS / Namco
Tingle RPG / Nintendo
Vs. Puzzle Papi Inu Vector Wan / Konami
Yu-Gi-Oh! / Konami