PlayStation 3 Version 2.0

PS3 Updates iconSony announced that PS3 Firmware version 2.0 will be releasing soon. There are several new features and little additions to the PS3.

One of the new features is the ability to turn and turn off the PS3 wirelessly with the PSP using the Remote Play function. Besides the ability to simply turn on and off the machine using the PSP as a remote, you can also listen to music, look at photos and watch videos that are saved on the PS3 Hard Disk Drive, anywhere in the world. A global connection. Another new feature, which you think Sony wouldn’t alert you on, but now they will is like a Updates feed of the PS3. The icon on the top right of this article will be added, the icon, called the Information Board, will display news on games, PS Store updates, hardware, accessories and more (in other words, ads) in the upper right hand corner. Each item displayed will be able to be clicked on for more details.

Also, Sony has finally allowed customization of the XMB (Cross Media Bar [for those who are bad with acronyms or just really don’t care]). With version 2.0 you can change the color and brightness of the bar (oooooh la la), or you can go totally stylin’ with a custom theme (with more available on the Store in the future). Music and Photos can now be managed in personalized playlists.

Lastly, though not really important, Sony has added Trend Micro Web Security to the update. Why it’s needed, I don’t know but it is supposed to be free*.

*not really a free full version. Free means a no price trial version until the end of April, 2008. Some restrictions apply.