Pokémon Battle Revolution is in stores now and sets new records

According to Nintendo, Pokémon Battle Revolution has just released today into stores. Sorry that we didn’t give you a heads up Pokémon fans, we will do better next time. The game will be the first to be able to go online and play using the Wii. It will also be the first Pokemon game for the Wii (fans, this is your time to rejoice). The game has the ability to use the DS as a controller and trade Pokémon to and from said DS to the Wii. Unfortunately, battling and trading online requires friend codes (oh boo).

But here’s something new in the Pokémon series, the narrator from the Pokémon show is also doing the narration for the Pokémon game, coolio! The graphics are highly improved from the E3 beta we were shown last year, and the detail to sound effects was over the top. And here’s another new cool thing, you will be able to customize your trainer. Enjoy the news, Pokémon fans!